Wienerin, October 1994

This isn't so much an interview as a questionnaire, but it's amusing. :)
Kröger's answers are in bold; on the multiple choice, the letters he marked are bold, but the bold sentences are things he wrote in.
The appears where he actually drew a smiley. It's cute. :)

Uwe Kröger

A heart-throb is leaving the country. And leaves behind whole armies of inconsolable fans. Starting in December Uwe Kröger will be playing the lead role in the musical Miss Saigon in Stuttgart. Farewell interview in the Wienerin.

True or False?

Success is a drug.

Oh, really?

I am afraid of getting old.


Wealth corrupts one's character.

If you have one....

Applause is better than sex.


Sex is better than raspberry cake.

Best to have BOTH!

Austria is provincial.


Every musical is as good as its stars.

Unfortunately, not always true!

One can never have enough fans.


Complete the sentences

My mother always told me....

do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I always wanted to know...

what's under a Scotsman's skirt...

The last time I couldn't sleep...

my cat was sitting on my face.

The last good book that I read was...

Gott schütze dieses Haus! Elizabeth George
[NOTE: I can't decide just which George book this is a translation of. If someone could supply the correct English title, 'twould be appreciated! :) --jennifer]

I know it's love when...

I even forget chocolate....

The biggest difference between men and women is...

the little something ! heehee

The best qualities of a woman are...

intelligence, warmth, sensitivity, strength, eroticism, charm, wit, etc, etc, etc. (I'm talking about the ultimate woman )

What I don't like on a woman is...

too much make-up!

The craziest thing I ever did for love was...

standing on a car at night, with a bunch of roses, yodeling "love"!

The best part about my job is...

that it is actually my hobby!

The drawback of my career is...

having too little time for my private life!

I could go mad, when...

I think about extreme right-wingers!

I hate being prominent, when...

I can't use a restroom without being recognised...

If I were a woman, I would...

want to become pregnant!

My greatest vice is...


Multiple choice

I'm most frequently recognised...
a. in restaurants
b. in the supermarket
c. at events
d. in the candy section...

Which would you like to find on a woman's bedside table?
a. a bottle of champagne
b. a packet of condoms [NOTE: next to these two, Kröger's drawn a brace connecting them, followed by yes!. In English :)]
c. a tape of poetry
d. the kama sutra
e. the bible

Women are most impressed by...
a. a macho man
b. success and money
c. sensitivity and intelligence
d. a man!

The place for a woman is...
a. at home
b. behind a successful man
c. on the career ladder
d. where she wants to be!

The world's greatest problem is...
a. the destruction of the environment
b. raising and educating our children
c. racism
[NOTE: these are all connected by a brace, and the comment, Of which our environment should be the most important!!!!]

I would prefer to go out with...
a. a supermodel
b. a Nobel Prize winner
c. my mother

I look the best...
a. in the morning
b. naked (I'm the only one who thinks so! )
c. on stage
d. in a mud-bath

God is...
a. a woman
b. a man [NOTE: these are connected, with I hope BOTH!
c. dead
d. none of the above, but rather...

The type of woman that I like has...
a. tender hands
b. a great body
c. self-confidence
[NOTE: once more, all are connected, with the comment, and much MORE!!]


Please draw a self-portrait.

Kroeger's 'self-portrait'

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