Hamm's Musical Ace Climbs Success Ladder: Uwe Kröger Goes From Starlight to Vienna

Uwe Kröger gets out of his rollerskates. At the end of June, the musical ace from Hamm goes from Starlight to Vienna, to gain experience in a totally different kind of musical. A return to Bochum seems possible. Kröger, until now an understudy for Rusty, is being discussed for first cast.

For Uwe Kröger, Hamm's musical ace in Bochum's Starlight ensemble, it is time to pack his bags once again: after nine months and about 50 performances as Rusty, the 24-year-old from Wiescherhöfen leaves the Ruhrgebiet at the end of the month, to dedicate himself to a totally new role. Les Misérables, based on Victor Hugo's book, is next on his schedule. And it seems as if he is going to climb the career ladder rapidly there as well.

He will not have much time to investigate his new surroundings. There are only six days between his farewell performance as Rusty on June 27 and the first rehearsals at Vienna's Raimund Theater, one of the three main stages in the city. "There is still a lot that is unclear," Uwe Kröger confesses about three weeks before his first rehearsals in Vienna. "I still don't know which parts I'm going to play, and I've only seen pictures of my new apartment." What is certain is that he won't be playing a lead role this time; he has signed a half-year contract as a member of the ensemble.

"The decision to go to Vienna was rather easy to make, because I am absolutely certain that this engagement will be very important for me artistically." The reason for this optimism is the difference between the two shows. "In Les Misérables, the acting and singing are much more important than they were in Bochum." It is not yet decided whether Uwe Kröger leaves his rollerskates forever. At the beginning of next year the cast will change, and Fritz Kurtz, the producer of Starlight and Cats, seems interested in calling Kröger back--as first cast.

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