Uwe Kroeger Fan Club

I am not a member of the fan club, so I can only provide the information included in Andreas Luketa's Musical-Jahrbuch 1998; please don't ask me for any other details, as I won't be able to provide any!

Contact address, Germany:

Stefanie Büsch
Augsburgerstrasse 14/30
80337 München

Contact address, Austria:

Doris Hager
Rustenschacherallee 28/1/2
A-1020 Wien

The club was formed in 1993 and has about 500 members. Membership is 44DM or 150 öS a year; I have no idea what it would be for people outside of Germany or Austria. Included is an apparantly quite professional-looking newsletter/magazine/whatever.

The club's Web site (German only) can be found at http://www.iukc.de/.

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