Career Highlights

Here is what I have been able to find about Kröger's career so far (except for the various recordings), based partly on a couple of bios and interviews--in German, so misunderstandings on my part are quite possible. :) A good deal of the info has been provided by Ursula and Alexandra; thank you again for all your work! As always, any additions, corrections, or more detailed information would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Godspell, Hamm (Jesus)
Rocky Horror Show, Berlin (ensemble)
Vom dicken Schwein, das dünn werden wollte, Berlin (Quak) Kroeger in Starlight Express

Starlight Express, Bochum (swing, Rusty cover)

Les Misérables, Vienna (swing, Enjolras/Marius cover)

Jesus Christ Superstar, Schwäbisch Hall (Annas, Jesus cover)
concert with Annika Bruhns and Greg Shand, Hamm
Treffpunkt Geisterban (TV)

Les Misérables, Amsterdam (Feuilly, Enjolras cover, Assistant Resident Director); premiere 28 February

Starmania, Essen (Ziggy); premiere 14 February
Jesus Christ Superstar, Regensburg (Jesus)
Elisabeth, Vienna (der Tod); premiere 3 September
Wider die Gewalt concert (benefit, domestic violence), Vienna

Bernstein's Mass, Linz
Musical?--Oh My God... concert, Vienna and Bratislava; premiere 18 April
Wider die Gewalt, Vienna
Favourites of Pia and Uwe concert, Vienna
Best of Musicals, Sankt Pölten, Finkenstein, Berlin
Rocky Horror Show, Vienna (Frank'n'Furter)
Musical Classics concert with Pia Douwes, Schloss Hof
Gut gebrüllt, Löwe (TV quiz show; four appearances)
Kroeger and Aura Deva in Miss Saigon Die liebe Familie (TV)
re-opening of Take 5 disco, Kitzbühl
Kommissar Rex (TV)
model, Life Ball (benefit, AIDS research), Vienna

Polizeiruf 133 (TV)
Ein Richter zum Küssen (TV film; may have aired 1995)
Wider die Gewalt, Vienna
Best of Musicals, Waidhofen and Finkenstein
Miss Saigon, Stuttgart (Chris); premiere 2 December

Wider die Gewalt, Vienna
Musical Classics concert with Pia Douwes
Sunset Boulevard, Niedernhausen (Joe); premiere 8 December

In Love With Musical concert, Vienna; 12 and 13 May
Münchener Musicalnacht concert, Munich; 31 May and 1 June
Elisabeth, Vienna (der Tod); select performances

Winner, Die Bühne Award for Best Young Actor of 1996
Winner, 1st IMAGE Award for Best Musical-Actor; April
Still in love with musicals concerts, Vienna; 18 May and 19 December
Magical Musical concerts, Vienna; 20-22 June
Die Schöne und das Biest (Beauty and the Beast), Stuttgart (das Biest); premiere 5 December

Licht ins Dunkel; 6 February
Ball des Sports, Wiesbaden; 28 February
Still in Love with Musical concerts, Salzburg, Graz, Munich, Vienna; April, October
Musical Hit Parade concert, Bochum; 4 July
Musical Magic concert, Stuttgart; 17 August
Wider die Gewalt, Vienna; 30 September
Cabaret, Vienna (Emcee); first performance 10 December

Miss Saigon, Stuttgart (Chris); first performance 01 April
Concerts, Klagenfurt; May, August
Danube Island Festival, Vienna; June
Mozart, Vienna (Hieronymus Colloredo); premiere 03 October

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Vienna (Pharaoh)
In Love With Musical Again concerts
Napoleon, London (alternate Napoleon); premiere 17 October

Elisabeth, Essen (der Tod); premiere 22 March

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